2021 Camp Dates

July 12-16 

 Woodstock, Vermont



2021 Dates 
JULY 12-16 
Union Arena, Woodstock VT

I am so excited to run my own hockey school in the Upper Valley. Since moving to the area in the Third Grade, it has been my home.

I grew up playing for Hanover Youth Hockey, Cardigan Mountain School, and Deerfield Academy. I then returned home to play for Dartmouth College before finally making it to the NHL with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Anaheim Ducks, Pittsburgh Penguins (again), New Jersey Devils, and Dallas Stars.

My goal for this camp is to teach young boys and girls from my neighborhood the hockey skills they will need to know how to play at the next level.

I look forward to getting to know the next generation of hockey stars from throughout the Upper Valley and, of course, having fun!




More Information for 2021 in February

Boys and Girls

Age Groups for Next Year Hockey Teams:

Mite 2013-2015

Squirt 2011-2012

Pee Wee 2009-2010

One year of "Learn to Play Hockey" or equivalent required for Mites

Please fill out this pre-registration form while we finalize details with Union Arena and Vermont Covid Guidelines! 

Hockey Stick


July 12-16, 2021

We are still finalizing details for camp as we wait for more information about Vermont COVID-19 guidelines. As of now, we are planning to run 2 half day sessions for Summer 2021, tentative schedule is
8:30-11:30 AM session 1 
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM session 2

hockey skates


2020 Guidelines

Hello Hockey Families! 

I know there have been a lot of questions regarding hockey camp this summer. Some good news (and some changes) - we will be able to run Ben Lovejoy Hockey School this summer at Union Arena in Woodstock! Unfortunately, we have to greatly reduce our numbers and in order to do that, we have decided to run half day camps with 2 sessions a day. 

Mites (birth years 2012 and younger) will have the morning session, Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 12pm. 

Squirts/PeeWees (2011, 2010, 2009, 2008) will have the afternoon session, Monday through Friday, 12:30 - 4:00pm 

Here are some camp specifics: 

(These are subject to change if we receive new guidelines from VT. We will keep you updated if/when we are able to make any changes. )

ADJUSTED PAYMENT AMOUNT: The adjusted rate for camp is now $325. Many have already paid and we will work on getting you reimbursed for the difference as soon as we receive confirmation of attendance. 

CONFIRMATION: We know that this new schedule may not work with all families. We need to know by June 10th if your child/children will not be attending camp in order to send you a full refund. We have a long waitlist and I want to be able to let those families know sooner than later if there is room for their child/children. 

SMALL GROUPS: Kids will stay in small groups for the majority of the session (about 7 kids to 1 coach). These groups will be together on ice and off ice and groups won't interact with other groups besides scrimmages. 

NO LOCKER ROOM USE: We won't be using the locker rooms (with the exception of 1 locker room in the afternoon for our Pee Wee girls). Kids will need to get dressed in designated areas outside and come in just to get skates on. If your child is in the first skating session (this will be emailed the weekend before camp), he/she can come dressed and just put skates on when entering the rink. 

MASKS/HEALTH CHECKS: Counselors and coaches will wear masks as often as possible, especially when having close contact with a child (like tying skates). Counselors and coaches will have daily health checks when they arrive. Hand washing will be enforced often and there will be extra sanitizing stations at the rink. We encourage each child to have a mask as an option to use when working in close contact with counselors/coaches/other children. Our goal is to spend all our "off ice" sessions outside, working on puck handling, agility work, and some fun games.

ICE TIME: Our ice time is divided into 1.5 hour time slots, so your child will get 1.5 hours of ice time daily. I know this isn't what we had hoped for but the smaller group size will allow for more individualized attention in this period of time. We also aren't allowed to have kids go on the ice, then off, then back on. After each group, the arena needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

OFF ICE: This time will primarily be spent outdoors, working on stick handling, agility work, playing games, or enjoying a snack. 

WEATHER: Unfortunately we do not have accessibility to other indoor space. At this time, if we have rainy weather for the day, campers will only attend camp for their designated ice time (1.5 hour block). As parents, we understand that this is not ideal at all, and we are sorry for any inconveniences it may bring. We will continue to look into ideas for bad weather options and hope this can change. Let's all hope it's a beautiful week and the weather cooperates! 

FOOD: We will have a snack time (that you send with your child) for each group, but there will not be a lunch time period. We are looking into having a "lunch group" between sessions for families that have kids doing both sessions, but this can only be outside so it may not work if the weather does not cooperate. We will keep you posted. 

COVID-19 WAIVER: We will be sending out a new waiver to sign prior to camp attendance. All attending camp (players, coaches, etc.) will need to be local to the Upper Valley or have spent 14 days quarantined in the area. 

I understand this is not ideal. It is certainly not how I wanted to re-start my camp. I believe that the best way to get better at hockey is to skate and play as much as possible. With Covid-19 restrictions, this is just not possible. I assure you in future summers camp will not be like this, but for now - I believe some ice time is better than no ice time. Thank you so much for your cooperation and patience as we are doing what we can to make this camp work this summer! 

Look forward to working with your kids this summer!




A camp that focuses on hockey skills, skating development, teamwork, and fun.






Hockey gear (helmet, elbow, shoulder, and knee pads, hockey pants, hockey socks, hockey gloves), skates, hockey stick, comfortable sneakers, snack, lunch, and water bottle.




Venmo: @benlovejoyhockey



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